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Dominic Blandin De Chalain

Dominic Blandin de Chalain

In 2013 my wife at the age 37 was diagnosed with Parkinson’s
With three young children under the age of four we were scared of the future. Since the diagnosis my wife has now become my hero. Her grit and determination is amazing, I never knew how tough she was. Millions of people suffer with this disease. Please help me in raising funds in the hope one day Parkinson’s disease can be left in the past.

Thank you! - Dominic



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1. DWDarrin White
2. ABA Marilys Blandin De Chalain
Love you my beautiful, beautiful son......more than you'll ever know! .......
3. LHL J Houbert
Good prize waiting at home hard xxx
4. ?Anonymous
Love you guys. Dom you have always been a hero to me. Life may throw some tough ones at you but you and shell and the kids are a team not to be messed with. All my love Kel Xxxxx
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