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Ned Neuhaus

Ned Neuhaus

This month marks five years since my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I have decided to mark the five years by running 5K and trying to raise $5k for research.

Sometimes it is hard to believe it has been five years, but I will never forget the devastation of being told the diagnosis. My immediate fears were what will it mean to Dee Dee and the girls. Would I still be able to be a good husband and father? What would others think of me? Would I be a burden on those around me?

It took the better part of two years and some great help from my psychologist, but I truly accepted my diagnosis and began to rethink my priorities. After some soul searching, we determined the best way forward was to retire early and focus my energy on taking care of my health. Within just a few months of retiring, I discovered Rock Steady Boxing and helped found the local affiliate and became a certified coach.

Paraphrasing Michael J. Fox, I had to retire from my career to find my life’s work. While I will never say I am glad I have Parkinson’s, I have met some truly inspiring people and find myself engaging with others in a way I never did before my diagnosis.

People like Jimmy Choi have inspired me, and I hope to repay the favor by running in the “Shake it Off” 5K with him this April.

Your gift will make a real difference: 100 percent of the Shake it Off 5K for Parkinson's Research proceeds will go directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s high-impact research programs.

Please consider helping us close the gap on a cure by making a donation today!

Thank you! - Ned


raised of $5,000 goal

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