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Creations for Parkinson’s has raise a total of $40,000 in donations for the Team Fox in the Virtual World of Second Life.

In 2002 our Dad died with Parkinson's and our mother Fran was diagnosed with PD one year later. To quote her "I may have Parkinson's, but it does not have me!"

Our family joined the virtual world of Second Life in 2009 as a way to have fun times together. Mom was thrilled to see her “virtual self” running, dancing, swimming and skiing again. In fact the more time she spent in SL, the happier, younger and stronger she became in her physical self.

Second Life is a Virtual World. It is not a game. It is an parallel reality where everything you see and do is created by the residents on their home computers.

The benefits for her was so startling that we realized it is important to join with many others who are laying the groundwork for using virtual reality in a positive way in the future.

I am pleased to say we started the first virtual support group for people with PD which has now been running weekly for 6 years.

We built an island (sim) called Creations Park where we raise donations by holding live music concerts. We also have stores where creators sell their designs with 50% of their sales going to Team Fox.

Now 90 "years young" Mom is perhaps the most senior active member of Second Life.

Please watch our award winning video about the benefits of SL for Mom. Ebbe Linden (CEO of Linden Labs) has called this the most important video ever made about Second Life. This will touch your heart!
The Drax File: World Makers- Episode 13 Creations for Parkinsons

It is our Creations Team Mission to use our love and talents to make a difference in both our physical life and our Second Life. We create experiences to stimulate Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Souls. It is our goal to raise donations for Team Fox to help find a cure for Parkinson's. Please share your love with us and help us find the cure!

"It is not our challenges that define us, our actions do" Michael J Fox

Loving Hugs from our Creations Family
Barbie Alchemi - Founder, Creations for Parkinson's
Fran Seranade - Our loving RL Mom
AlmostThere Inventor - RL brother


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