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HR Gives Back 2017

We are ALL IN to find a cure for PD!

HR Gives back is a fundraiser in support of Team Fox and The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Our collective mission is to help speed a cure for Parkinson's Disease - something we can only do with your help.

Over the past two years the HR Technology community has raised over $75,000 for Team Fox. And we will be playing the Vegas odds this October, aiming to double that this year. With help from our sponsors, the #HRTechConf organizers, and individuals like you, we can make a difference and cure PD.

Donate now! And visit our website at hrgivesback.org to learn more!


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4. kjKatherine Jones
In honor of Mollie for all the good work she does!
5. CMChrista Manning
Sorry I couldn't get my act together before or during HR Tech US Week but happy to support the cause again! ;)
6. WAWhitney Asnip
Moovila supports HR Gives Back! Thank you Mollie for your amazing work promoting this cause!