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Vikas Mohindra

Vikas Mohindra

Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my fundraising page. Most of my friends, co-workers and family know that my father(handsome gentlemen in picture with me) has had Parkinson's for over 7 years now. Over the course of the last 7 years everything has changed from the way my dad eats to the way he tries to walk around. Some of the challenges we face on a daily basis is whether or not my father is able to walk even with his walker he still gets stuck in place and unable to move for significant periods of time. This of course makes it very difficult to get around not just around the house but anywhere he may have to go. Some of the decisions we need to make are whether or not attend family functions due to his condition. Other things that we have to think about is his dietary restrictions due to the atrophy of his throat muscles it is very difficult for him to eat regular meals since he will often begin to choke. In the evenings he deals with the burning sensation in his feet so intense that often he can only fall asleep for a few hours at a time. The burden of all of this has fallen on my mother who acts as his full-time care giver and it slowly is breaking her down as well. I never thought in a million years that anyone in my family would fall victim to any disease let alone Parkinson's.

For those of you who know my father, know that for 70 years of his life before Parkinson's he was so full of life and truly enjoyed every simple thing that this world has to offer. But over the last 7 years the simplest things have become almost impossible for him to enjoy. Due to his condition I have fully committed to work with the Michael J. Fox Foundation in helping them raise funds so that we can continue to research cures and treatments for this disease. This year I am the Co-Chair of the Foxy Gala and promise to help deliver an evening that you all will not forget. I hope you all are able to join us on March 9th and if you cannot please donate even if it is a dollar as it will help us move forward towards the fight against Parkinson's Disease.

Thanks again for all of your love and support.



raised of $30,000 goal

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1. Anonymous
2. J Norman
3. Rose Olszewski
Great job that you are so involved in helping find better solutions to PD...not everyone steps up the way you are :)
4. Isabella Ferrara rain
5. Sarah Sanders
Vikas! Keep it up. Miss you, my friend! Cheers, Sarah
6. Anonymous

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