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Team Fox NOLA

Team Fox NOLA is a group of proactive individuals who dedicate their time toward supporting The Michael J. Fox Foundation and finding a cure for Parkinson's disease. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, and while some of us have a direct connection to PD, many others want to support a great cause, and others, well, just have a fond memory of Marty McFly. Every penny of Team Fox proceeds goes straight towards funding high-impact, critical PD research. 

Teams and Fundraisers 

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Kathy and jay kane$100

Thanks for the mj fox madks

Jaclyn Trudeau$35

Thank you for the masks. Love you! Miss you. I hope you’re doing great and I really can’t wait to see you again!

Brad Walton$50

Kick Parkinson's ass!

Tasha Kane$5
Jill deRosas$30
Kate Fitzgerald$30
Henry Coniglio III$30
Erin Tade$30
The Big Easy Parkinson's Support Group$60