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26.2 for Parkinson's - Boston Marathon 2019

Will Clansky

Will Clansky

Fathers are supposed to be invincible. That’s what stories lead us to believe, at least. Looking at you, Liam Neeson…

Of course, no one is invincible. Even Superman has his kryptonite. How our weaknesses are displayed is something we can’t always choose, however, which means that, by default, some people have to wear their imperfections on their sleeves, available for the world to see. My dad is one of those people.

When I first noticed the tremor in my father’s hand, it was an afterthought. Within a few months, it became a constant. Then, years later, it simply was routine. It’s often the most present things in our lives that are given the least attention.

But, time has its way of taking a toll, meaning that while my father largely underplayed the effects of Parkinson’s on his life, it became evident over time that even Clark Kent shows signs of being human…

Which brings me to my reason for running. As I’ve watched my dad become more proactive in taking a stand against his disease, I’ve realized that his is a fight that can’t be fought alone. Yes, his Parkinson’s progresses, but so does his resolve, as is the case with countless other individuals battling neurodegenerative disorders. And if these superheroes can take a stand each and every day against the debilitating effects of what is currently an incurable disease, then why can’t an able-bodied guy like me run a few miles and raise money for a cure along the way?

In advance, thank you for visiting my page, supporting individuals like my father, and making whatever contribution you can (extra points if you capitalize on your corporate matching program – hint, hint). For more information on Parkinson’s Disease and how you can help fight for a cure, please read below or visit the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s homepage at


An estimated five million people worldwide live with Parkinson's today. It is the second most common neurological disorder. In the United States, approximately 60,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone. There is no known cure.

Team Fox is the grassroots community fundraising program at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF). MJFF accelerates high-impact science through smart risk taking and problem solving with a commitment to urgency and efficiency. I’m one of thousands of people around the globe who are turning their passions into Team Fox fundraisers to help them speed a cure for Parkinson’s. When you give today, 100 percent of Team Fox proceeds go straight to MJFF’s programmatic efforts.
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So proud, Will! Love to you and the fam!