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Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill

Hello!  Thanks for visiting our teams donation page. Here’s a quick little bit about my journey with PD. 

Parkinson’s has been a part of my life since the day I was born. My mother was diagnosed with EOPD in her early 20s and lived with it for 37 years. For me, the diagnosis came two months before my wedding date. I was 31 at the time. It would be years before I went public with the news. Instead, my wife Julia and I kept my diagnosis between us with the exception of a few close family members and friends. What followed was depression and an overwhelming sense of isolation.

A year passed. I started seeing a therapist and committed to a mindfulness practice. I also adapted my workout routine to include high-intensity interval training – a proven way to slow the progression of PD. Each of these approaches continue to make a tremendous difference in my day-to-day fight. 

I came into managing a chronic illness having treated patients of various conditions for nine years and counting. As a registered nurse in intensive care and rapid response at the University of Washington Medical Center, my knowledge of pharmacology has been key in how I contend with an ever-changing cocktail of medication. Managing it has been harder with the stress of the pandemic and seeing the trauma alongside my team of fellow nurses.

A few short months ago, Julia and I welcomed our son Forrest into the world. Together we had agreed (prior to his arrival) that I would publicly disclose my diagnosis once he was born. We wanted him to grow up without the burden of a family secret. The day finally came. I shared my story on social media and the love and support I received in return was heartwarming – so much that it inspired me to give back to the PD community. 

With the help and support from you all we can raise funds to help enhance therapies with the hopes of one day finding a cure. 


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Recent Donations

1. VSVanessa Sochulak
Love ya Bryan!
2. GMGenevieve MacNeil
Beyond proud Bryan that you shared your story and personal journey. You’re an amazing soul and what a role model for Forrest ❤️ (and Julia!). Thank you for taking us on your path and of course stoked to support you!!!
3. JCJulia Chapacharis
4. TKTyler Kellett
Go get ‘em !
5. MRMichael Rositzke
Glad to help you with your fundraising goal. I’m hopeful that you sharing your story and the support you receive will help some other folks share if they have been holding things in for various reasons as well. Take care Bryan.
6. KsKailey Sparks
You’re amazing, Bryan!! You got this! 💪🏽

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