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Brett Rosenbaum

JD (5), Chase (7), and Eliza (9) do not care how big the shirt or shoes (or helmet) they have to fill because they know how important the New England Parkinson’s Ride is for Dad…

When I got home from the hospital, my kids knew that the bike accident where I suffered a broken collarbone and a leg puncture/hematoma was not the only issue causing me pain. They felt my disappointment when I told them the accident would prevent me from doing my 3rd 200 mile Ride that raises money to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. They each know how much this cause means to me and the family because they are there every year cheering me on. But this year they knew would be different, so they hatched a plan. All three of them decided that not only will they do the fundraising but they will ride in my place at the 10th Annual New England Parkinson's Ride!

They have been training hard on their bikes while learning what it takes to fundraise for something you believe in. With Eliza taking the lead, they have worked together to execute lemonade stands and are working on a business plan to sell vegetables from our garden.

They are working so hard but are learning that it will only take them so far and they will need support from others who care about the cause. I promised them I would send out “their letter” and ask you for your support.

As you may know, this cause is extremely important to our Family and we are extremely fortunate to have the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research leading the fight! An astonishing 88% of every dollar raised from events like the New England Parkinson’s Ride goes to fund Parkinson’s Research. So far, the Michael J. Fox Foundation has been successful at funding symptom modification treatments but has not found a cure (yet). This is where Team PD Cure, led by my kids and your generosity, comes in. The money we raise may very well put a drug discovery over the top and cure Parkinson’s Disease! The impact from our event is massive: Team PD Cure is one of the largest fundraising teams for the New England Parkinson’s Ride while the Ride s the largest single day fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

If you’d prefer, you may mail a check (please make it out to the Michael J Fox Foundation) to me at 48 Harbor Ave, Marblehead, MA 01945

Also, I would greatly appreciate any corporate matching your company may have...every dollar counts!

Dad, JD, Chase, and Eliza


raised of $65,000 goal


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Hope your fully healed by now; sorry its late!
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Great stuff Brett... kids look awesome on those bikes!
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