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Axi Wechter

Axi Wechter

On March 17th, Todd, my cousin Chris, and I (Team Jack) will be running the NYC Half Marathon with Team Fox to benefit The Michael J. Fox Foundation. As you know, I have worked for The Michael J. Fox foundation for the past three years. I initially decided to work there because I firmly believe in the Foundation's mission to find a cure and eradicate this terrible disease. However, my commitment to this mission extends further. My grandfather, Jack Matthews, was misdiagnosed with Parkinson's 22 years ago and passed away in 2004. This misdiagnosis led to stress and uncertainty, which had a tremendous impact on my grandfather and our family.

The Michael J. Fox foundation is currently funding ground breaking research searching for a biomarker to accurately diagnose Parkinson's disease. A biomarker such as this would have allowed for my grandfather's doctors to continue looking for the cause of his symptoms, which could have revealed his underlying cancer, and possibly saved his life.

Furthermore, in addition to my personal connection to the disease, there are countless individuals with Parkinson's in my hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia and throughout the rest of the country who have all touched my life and I am honored to fundraise on their behalf.

100% of your donation will fund cutting edge research that could help to find a biomarker, find a cure, and alleviate the suffering of countless individuals battling this terrible disease. Thank you so much for considering joining me in the fight against Parkinson's disease.

Thank you,



raised of $4,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. MMichael J. Vaccaro
Go Axi!!!
2. PhPatricia Hock
I am so proud of what you are doing Axi I want you to reach your goal on behalf of both Jim and Jack brothers who adored each other and both had Parkinson.
3. phPatricia Hocki
Dorothy S Matthews and Patricia Matthews Hock
4. TJThomas Jennings
Good luck!
5. DPDavid Petty
Thanks for all you are doing for PD research!
6. KHKelsey Hiscano

Team Jack