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Team Dave and Laura (70 + 40 = 26.2 miles!)

Team Dave And Laura

Team Dave and Laura

A message from Dave...

As I approached the finish line of the 2014 NYC Marathon, I reminded myself that it had been great to do and great to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. But mostly I just thought about how much I hurt!!! I had just turned 66 and after 4 NYC marathons the "wall" runners always talk about was getting alarmingly close to the beginning of the race. It was time, I thought, to hang up my running shoes.

But life with Parkinson's isn't something you ever really leave behind. Not when you have close friends and family members who've shown you what true courage and grace entail. And not when you become associated with a fantastic foundation like MJFF which is getting us so much closer to stopping Parkinson's in its tracks. And given that I happen to be incredibly lucky with my own disease progression, I found myself thinking about one more marathon. And then to my great delight, my daughter Laura said she'd join me too.

Parkinson's is the second most common neurological disorder in the United States affecting an estimated 1 million Americans. But thanks to dedicated scientists and the support of the foundation, we are getting oh so close to changing those statistics.

I turn 70 this fall and Laura turns 40, hence our team motto: "70 plus 40 equals 26.2". But your donation is the equation that really makes a difference. Doing this run together is deeply meaningful for both of us, so thank you for making it count!


A message from Laura...

After finishing four previous NYC marathons, my dad has finally convinced me that this actually might be a good idea! I'm very excited to be running 26.2 miles with him this November 4th in support of a wonderful organization. He has been working for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research for many years--hosting podcasts and webinars, facilitating research roundtables and co-chairing the organization's very active patient council. His exercise regime and early diagnosis have kept him strong and healthy. I can only hope to keep up with him through all five boroughs this fall!

With an extensive family history of Parkinson's Disease, I'm impressed by MJFF's commitment to promising, cutting-edge research in this field. Please consider joining me in support of MJFF, and learn more about the organization's efforts.

As our team name indicates, my dad and I are making this year of big milestone birthdays count. Please cheer on our slow, but enthusiastic father/daughter team! Go Team Fox, and Go Team Dave and Laura (70 + 40 = 26.2 miles)! Thanks so much.



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Contemplating 2018 in review...NOTHING beats what you two achieved.Thanks for setting an inspiring example, and for giving so much to others! -- Judy & Dick
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You never cease to amaze me!
4. KYKristen Young
Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment! Such a wonderful cause.
5. JJudy and Dick Rubin
What an awesome team...good looking, too!
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Always always always Keep On Keeping On!!