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Welcome to SAP (Siblings Against Parkinsons)'s team Page

SAP (Siblings Against Parkinsons)

SAP (Siblings Against Parkinsons)

We are running our first marathon this Fall and we're doing it together.
We are raising money for the MJFF, because our Dad has Parkinson's disease and the MJFF does so much to help families, support scientists and promote the discovery of new therapies.

Your support means so much to us and to our family--

Hope to see you on race day !

Together we can make a difference! - SAP (Siblings Against Parkinsons)



raised of $4,800 goal

2 Runners

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1. NNetFlix
2. JWJacqueline Wark
You’re an inspiration Sarah!
3. BSBenjamin Schneider
4. KMKatherine Miller
5. SCSally Chasman
In honor of Rob, and in memory of Bernie.
6. SGSamuel Guttenplan
Good luck and enjoy what the successful completion of the marathon. Jen and Sam