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Livi Suarez

Livi Suarez

Here I go again...

10 years ago I ran the NYC Marathon. It was a very hard day for me because on that day I tried to run for me, for looking at cancer in the eye and surviving! I had just recovered from a long surviving journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer just the year before when I was 32 years old. But like everything in life that is out of our control, that day I ran for something else, my Super Mom Cañi. She had just passed away after her long fight against ovarian cancer, and I thought I was still as strong as I had been those years to face it with a smile and keep going; only this time I would run! But as I started running on marathon day and realized she would not be there at the finish line, thats when it hit me real hard, she was physically gone forever. So I mourned her loss with every step of those 26.2 miles. I ended the race thanks to an amazing support group, but specially María Fernanda Milán who cried, ran and walked with me all the way to the finish line, pushing me even when I decided I would not cross the line without mom. That’s why Im here again, because I always said that was my “asignatura pendiente”. I need to go back and face it. Its been 10 years and Girlfriend we are ready!

This time I am running for another very special person in my life, Papi, my father and his stubborn and strong fight against Parkinson’s. Not a day has passed since he was diagnosed, that he hasn’t been strong and willing to do anything to change the path of what this disease can do! That is my wish for him and every patient, to be able to change the path and find a cure, and that can only be achieved through research and support from organizations like the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Please help me achieve my goal with a donation to my fundraising for the 2019 NYC Marathon!



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