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Team Rowland Rides Again!!

Katie Rowland

Katie Rowland

The fact is Parkinson's sucks, it is a horrible disease that affects millions of people in the US. I had never even heard of Parkinson's until my Dad got diagnosed. Boy did it pick the wrong family.

We choose to fight the best we can, by raising funds to support Parkinson's research. They are working tirelessly to create cutting-edge treatments for people living with Parkinson's. Their goals is the same as ours to CURE Parkinson's forever.

The Team Rowland road series supports the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Alabama Parkinson's Association. 100% of your donations go straight to finding a cure for PD. Everyone can help end Parkinson’s disease! Come ride with us, help us raise funds, come cheer team Rowand on! Thank you for your constant support and love!


We ride for Mike!


raised of $10,000 goal

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