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Cheers to Big R!

The Hilding Brothers

As all of you know Nate and I grew up with the Bisaillon's in tiny Herscher, IL. Growing up I had two Father Figures. On one hand was my Dad who was soft spoken, kind and never cursed. On the other hand, was Randy Bisaillon who I affectionately refer to as Big R. Big R was a gruff veteran of the Korean War, owned an excavating business, and taught me all the dirty jokes I know. Big R provided me one of my first real jobs and there's a couple of stories that you fellas will enjoy.

#1--Big R to this day calls me "Sump Pump". This name derives from a day on a job-site when he asked me to pull a large rock out of a sump pump. The rock was blocking the pump's ability to eject water and was therefore flooding the basement. When I removed the large rock, a sour smell emerged and the water started to foam. I quickly realized that the construction crew had been pissing in the sump pump in lieu of pissing in the yard. As you can probably imagine, when I turned around Big R was laughing his ass off.
#2--His favorite exclamation for me when I looked like I had no idea what I was doing was "You look like a Monkey Fucking a Football". To this day I say that to myself when I see Malcom hitting a golf ball.

Now for the serious part. Big R was Nate’s very first coach after he drafted him on his Little League team when we moved to Herscher in 1983. Chris was Nate’s first buddy in Herscher which resulted in a life-long friendship and a pretty successful business venture. For me, Big R not only gave this derelict a job, he was also there to take me to White Sox games and give me rides home from football games when our own Father was working one of his several jobs. Most importantly, Big R was an absolute rock when my Dad passed away my freshman year in college, as was the rest of the Bisaillon Family. As most of you know Big R is battling an aggressive form of Parkinson's. Nate and I felt there was no better cause than to donate all the winnings to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's in honor of Big R.

Cheers to Big R!

- Matt


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