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5th Annual Tee Off "Fore" Parkinson's Golf Outing

Tom Kober

December 26, 2017

Dear family and friends,

At this special time of year, we first want to wish you, your friends and family members the happiest of holidays and hope that you have been able to enjoy all that the season offers and similarly hope that you are able to look forward to a very happy and healthy new year.

It truly seems remarkable that another year has passed since we gathered together at Royce Brook Golf Club to participate in our 4th annual Tee Off "Fore" Parkinson's fund raiser for the exclusive benefit of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research (MJFF). Once again, we can recount without the slightest hesitation that your response to our prior invitations has been nothing short of spectacular, whether you were able to join in all of the day's festivities or solely be with us for dinner, you have helped us “sell out” each of our four previous events.

In partnering with MJFF I remain comforted knowing that every dollar you have or will contribute to the fund raising efforts of Kobers For the Cure, on behalf of Team Fox, (the grass roots fundraising arm of MJFF) is being put to good use, without the administrative overhead expense that often
burdens charitable endeavors.

Knowing that the funds we all raised (over $350,000 for four events) went straight to MJFF research efforts is truly gratifying. Having had the good fortune to meet Michael J. Fox in person I am very happy to share my impressions that very simply confirm that he's "the real deal". He is gracious, considerate, funny, engaging yet most of all, inspiring.

I join Michael in saying that I am "overwhelmed by your . . . sheer generosity" and I, like Michael, "thank you for your truly awe-inspiring efforts to end Parkinson's."

More information will be forthcoming but please mark MAY 18, 2018 on your calendars for our next outing. Thank you one and all. You are the best !!

Tom & Kobers For the Cure

(For further information, contact us by email at: kobersforthecure@gmail.com)

Diamond: $10,000
Dinner Sponsor (Includes foursome, hole sponsor, prominent signage and acknowledgement.)

Platinum: $5,000
Lunch Sponsor (Includes twosome, hole sponsor, prominent signage and acknowlegement.)

Gold: $2,500
Various sponsorship opportunities such as Bag tags, GPS, Beverage carts, etc.

Silver: $1,000
Various sponsorship opportunities such as on-course contests, etc.

Bronze: $500
Various sponsorship opportunities such as professional instruction and more.

Hole Sponsor: $200
Sponsor's name and/or logo prominentaly displayed


Kobers For The Cure motto: “The difficult tasks we do right away, the impossible just take a little longer.”


p.s. - on our companion website, kobersforthecure.weebly.com -- you may enjoy viewing additional pictures from prior outings and a short video created by Ms. Brielle Barozzini on providing Support respecting PD management.


raised of $65,000 goal


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Sorry we couldn’t make the golf outing this year.

Upcoming Events

Kobers for the Cure - Tee Off "Fore" Parkinson's 5/18/2018 11:00:00 AM Royce Brook Golf Club
Hillsborough NJ 08844