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Ski for Parkinsons

Lisa Hollensteiner

My beautiful mother, whom you can see with her daffodils, was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 15 years ago. She is an adventurous woman who loves life and who has sadly been so limited by this disease. She has handled it with grace, but I am left thinking, what more can I do for her?
Well, I love to nordic ski, so when Bill Brown asked me about joining his team Ski for Parkinson's to raise money for Parkinson's research, I agreed. I admire Bill's amazing plans to ski 5 Worldloppet races this year as he himself deals with Parkinson's. I plan to ski the American Classic Birkebeiner 55k in February and the Norwegian Classic Birkebeiner 55k in March. Though a bit disabled after a recent thumb injury, surgery, and cast, I am determined to complete these goals for this worthwhile cause.
The money raised here goes 100% (!) to Parkinson's research. The administrative costs are covered by other donors.
Please join me in raising money to combat this disease which has affected so many. Thank you!


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It’s sad to know both of our sweet moms, who were also friends, are inflicted with this disease! Thanks for doing this!
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