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Bill Brown

Thanks for visiting my web page! Last year was my second year fundraising with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research which is the leading funding organization for Parkinson's research in the world. I was overwhelmed and humbled by the level of support I received. It was also a year that saw major advances in research to find a cure to Parkinson’s Disease. All of this has me excited for a third year in this endeavor.

Those of you who know me know how much I enjoy endurance activities: rowing, kayaking, biking, running, hiking and skiing. Imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with Parkinson's four years ago, and have probably had it for closer to six years. My dad also had Parkinson's, and he always had a positive attitude and worked hard to minimize the effects of the disease and supported those researching for a cure. He was a great role model in so many ways!

One of the best things you can do to minimize the effects of Parkinson's is exercise and that's what I plan on doing between February aaand August 2019. I'm going to ski 5 Worldloppet Nordic ski races in 5 different countries to raise money for Parkinson's research. The Worldloppet series consists of the biggest and best races in twenty countries around the world. (If I complete all five, then I will be one of the few Americans to have done all twenty!) I'm also going to warm up with a local marathon in Wisconsin in January with friends. I'll be skiing the following races:

- Seeley Hills Classic (Wisconsin 42 km with my friends Andy & Charlie)
- Tartu Maraton (Estonia 63 km with Karen and Charlie)
- Finlandia-Hiihto (Finland 50 km with Karen)
- Demino Ski Marathon (Russia 50 km with my friend Pat)
- Engadin Skimaraathon (Switzerland 42 km with Karen, Pat and my son Luke)
- Ushuaia Loppet (Argentina 50 km with Karen)

That's 297 km (184 miles.) Skiing is a little tougher with Parkinson's but it's something I love doing and hopefully I can also help raise needed funding for important research.

Will you please join me in this effort by making a donation for every kilometer I ski? (10 cents/km is $30. 34 cents/km is $100, etc.) I've made the first donation! Last year together Ski for Parkinson's raised $116,000, and I've set a goal to personally raise $75,000 for 2019. Thanks to a generous foundation, every dollar I raise will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000! Additionally, this year 100% OF MONEY RAISED BY TEAM FOX GOES TO RESEARCH.

Thank you very much,


raised of $75,000 goal


Recent Donations

1. TTim Dordell
2. JMJohn Mendesh
Behind you all the way Bill!
3. KSKurt Svendsen
4. BHBradley Hamilton
5. BGBlake Grams
Congrats on the retirement. Have a great time with Karen and the kids.
6. RRenee and Randy Peterson
Bill: Thanks to you, Karen and your entire family for the amazing work you are doing to support Parkinson research.

Team SkiforParkinsons2019