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This March, we are biking from Florida to California not only to visit family out west and to see new places along the way, but also to raise awareness for Parkinson's Disease and support the Micheal J. Fox foundation. Countless adventures, including backpacking the 800 mile Arizona Trail, paddle boarding for 4 weeks on the Connecticut River, and living out of our pickup truck and tent all over the country have certainly prepared us for the trip. Greg has extensive bike touring experience, and will be the "Captain" on our tandem bike, while Vida sits in back as the "Stoker".
We are riding to raise awareness for Parkinson's Disease, a neurodegenerative disease that affects mobility. There is little known about what causes PD, and no known cure. This fundraiser is very close to our hearts because Vida's Dad was diagnosed with PD five years ago. All proceeds go directly to the Micheal J. Fox foundation, the organization that is searching for a cure and helpful therapies for people with PD. PD can leave patients and their families feeling powerless, and organizations like MJFF give us all hope!
We are very grateful for everyone that donates, and follows along our ride across America!
Vida and Greg


Hello Family and Friends,Thank you all for the incredible donations! We wanted to let everyone know that we are taking a pause from the ride, as we take care of our COVID-19 vaccines, and attend some exciting family events! We will get back to riding as soon as we are able to. Thank you all for your amazing support :) Vida and Greg


Wishing we could recruit our new campground buddy to the team ;)

Looks like it’s the right time of year to pedal through these special swamplands

It’s been hard to be on the roads again after some really beautiful bike paths

Pretty magical forest hiding behind our tent site


A quick video visit to our first campsite heading west

Another quick video, this time to celebrate our official departure! After a couple stormy days waiting to leave, we are on the road and heading west!

Storage problem solved (thanks to a great Craigslist trailer find) and we are ready for launch!

I think we need a bigger bike...🤔

Playing catch up! A little video with our first impressions of Florida


Of course you need to have something to ride! Leave a comment below to try and guess the name of the bike.

From backpacking the 800-mile Arizona trail, to wintering in a tent in Vermont; these two do it all. Now they are biking across the US! Keep checking here if you would like to follow along with them. You can leave comments below and encourage them.



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1. TThe Benevity Community Impact Fund
2. TITom And Ilia
Love the pictures, be safe, see you soon.
3. GGGeoffrey & Vicki Gold
Go Greg and Vida. Ride like the wind. Vicki and I are making this donation in honor of my Dad, Dr. Steven Gold, who battled this horrible disease for almost 2 decades.
4. BRBernice Rogers
Go team!! I can't wait to see you this summer and hear about your adventures. Love Grandma Bee.
5. CMCarly Marasco
From a fellow Team Fox fundraiser and daughter of a Dad who lived with Parkinson's, I support you and your ride across America. GO VIDA & DAVE! Enjoy the ride and keep raising awareness for Parkinson's and The Michael J. Fox Foundation!
6. LSLaurie And Paul Sturz
We hope you enjoy your travels. Can’t wait to read your book and see the photographs of your travels! Love, Laurie and Paul

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Ride across America with Vida and Greg 5/16/2021 12:00:00 PM California
San Diego CA