Peaks for Parkinson's

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Join our fight today!

As many of you know, Bill and Jerry are both fighting Parkinson’s disease. Our families saw no better way to support and honor their journey than to take on a journey of our own and do something they both love to do—climb some mountains. On June 4th, Will and Peter (and anyone else that would like to join us!) will hike 43 miles from Pennsylvania to Virginia to raise awareness of (and raise funds to help find a cure for) Parkinson’s disease.

Our Mission
Through our fundraiser we hope to:
  1. Spread awareness of Parkinson’s disease;
  2. Raise money to help find a cure;
  3. Push ourselves to our physical and mental limits;
  4. Concentrate our efforts on a challenge that symbolizes our fathers’ strength and perseverance; and finally,
  5. Bring our wonderful community together for support!

The Challenge
In just 48 hours, we plan to complete the Four State Challenge. This is a 42.9-mile hike that crosses Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia, eventually ending at the Virginia border. Beginning on the morning of June 4th, we’ll embark on an 8K+ foot elevation gain/loss journey through the peaks and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains.

For every $400 we raise, we’ll take 1 hour off of our goal, up to 24 hours. What does this mean? If we raise $5,000, we’ll attempt to complete this journey in just 36 hours. Does that not sound challenging enough? Well, if you help us raise $10,000, we’ll aim to complete this nearly 43 mile hike in just 24 hours! Don’t worry. We’re excited and ready to take on the challenge, so please don’t hesitate to donate!

How to Support Us
​There is no known cure for Parkinson’s disease. But through your support of Team Fox and Peaks for Parkinson's, you can help change this. Any donation, big or small, will help us to our goal. 100% of donations made here go directly to the Michael J Fox Foundation to help find a cure for PD. We can’t begin to express how much we appreciate your support through this journey—both in the challenges that life has handed our families, and in this symbolic journey of strength and perseverance.

Join the Party
Join our celebration party after the hike on June 5th at 2pm in Harpers Ferry. If you’d like to come celebrate with us, please fill in this survey: so we can make an appropriate reservation.
And finally, if you really want to get involved and would like to join us on our hike—either all 43 miles or just for a section or two—reach out to Will Stinson (804-441-2650) and he’ll add you to the roster

Best - Will and Pete


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