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“Gratitude” alone is not a strong enough word for the overwhelming feeling of thankfulness that flows from my heart each day for my incredible family and our amazing network of friends and loved ones.

Since revealing my young onset Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis in 2016, I have used obstacle course races as catalysts to raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, 100% of which goes toward scientific research to speed a cure. Amazingly, through YOUR generosity we have raised nearly $500,000 for the fight in just three years!

Many of you have expressed interest in participating or supporting another MJFF race in 2019, so we will do it again! Spartan founder and CEO, Joe De Sena, has once again provided complimentary entries to Team PAPA D (Powering Against Parkinson’s Disease) in return for donations to MJFF. We hope you can join us at the Tri-State Spartan Sprint in Tuxedo, NY on Saturday, June 15th.

See link for details and to sign up or donate if you feel so moved:

Prior Spartan participation has been truly amazing with nearly 75 adults and more than 50 kids racing each of the last two years. If you’re thinking about maybe racing but wondering if you’re fast enough, strong enough or in good enough shape in general, there is one answer: YES YOU CAN!!!

And for those asking, I’m still doing great - trying to stay unrelentingly positive, loving each day and fighting back through diet, exercise and mindset. I’ve learned so much these past few years but more than anything, this journey has opened my eyes to the incredible vastness of love and support that you all carry in your hearts and souls.


Peace, love and sweat,


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1. KGKaren Gartman
Good luck with the sprint!!
2. RMRamiro Morales
Xmile Orthodontics wish you very good luck, great purpose!
3. MBMaureen Bulleri
Good luck!
4. Daniel Quevedo
5. DODaniel Olson
Good luck Papa D!
6. LHLaurie Holden
Can't race this year, but cheering you on in spirit!
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