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Team Kopacz Foundation

Team Kopacz Foundation

Our journey with PD started in the summer of 2014. After multiple appointments it was clear that I had Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. As we researched PD the one common message was that I had to keep moving and fight this disease by getting in shape. After my initial appointment at the University of Minnesota I bought a fitbit and started exercising. I wasn’t in the best shape at the time of my diagnosis but the dusty elliptical in our basement was perfect to start my exercise journey and now I am running a half marathon! Having PD has motivated me to push myself physically in ways I never thought I could!

PD has brought many challenges to our family but it has also brought us closer together. My wife will be running in Disney for Team Fox, our 4 children have run with us during training runs and numerous family/friends participated in a 5K Fox Trot in Minneapolis.

In 2018 we hosted the inaugural Team Kopacz Golf Tournament that raised just over $35,000 for the Michael J Fox Foundation. We are all in supporting research efforts that will lead to a cure for PD! My family watched my Grandma Louise fight PD for 20+ years. My journey with PD will be very different because of the advancement in PD research but I learned from her experience that a strong supportive team is needed to help with the ups and downs that come with a PD diagnosis. We knew our team was strong but we didn’t truly understand how strong until the golf tournament in July. From that tournament we decided to kick-off the Team Kopacz Foundation with the goal of preventing another generation of the Kopacz family from supporting a family member in their journey with PD but if they do they will have a strong team ready for them.

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Awesome job, Kristi!
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Super proud.
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So proud of you Kristi & Jason!
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So proud of you. Thanks for your hard work to fight Parkinson’s.
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Rock on!!