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Welcome to Kelly Morris Rowan's Fundraising Page!

Kelly Morris

Kelly Morris

So, I'm doing it again - ALMOST. I'm running the ALMOST Dopey Challenge, haha! That's a 5K, a 10K, a Half Marathon - 3 days back to back. I am not going to run the full marathon this year, because I'm still trying to let my big toenails recover from the Dopey Challenge last year. :) I'm still fundraising with a passion though, because I'm not doing it for me. I'm doing it for something much, much bigger than me. I'm doing it for my Dad, George Morris. I'm doing it for Jimmy Tsai. I'm doing it for Tonya Hills Walker. I'm doing it for John Colwell. I'm doing it for Bob Harmon. I'm doing it for Sabrina Soto Molina. I'm doing it for the parents and spouses of so many of my friends. I'm doing it for a cure. A cure for Parkinson's Disease!

Here's my story:

Ever heard of Parkinson's Disease? I hadn't, heard of it... not really. Just something that some celebrity had somewhere. Do you know what the disease is? I definitely didn't!

But that all changed when my dad, George, received a PD diagnosis in 2010. I thought it was terminal. (It's not.) I thought it only affected old people. (It affects people of all ages, seemingly past about 20 years old.) So I learned more, and when I realized there was not a cure... I took action. I joined Team Fox.

I've been aware of Team Fox since 2010/2011 thanks to online research, but ran my first team sponsored race with them here in Orlando in 2015. (The Disney marathon!) I've been running with them ever since and won't stop until there's a cure. So here's where YOU come in! Can you help with a donation? Please do!! Can't donate, but what to help? Spread the word for me. Share this page! Or share an article on Parkinson's Disease. Awareness is key. The disease isn't contagious and it IS curable - we just haven't found that cure YET.

Read on below to learn more facts and info about PD. Thank you for stopping by my page to help out. :)

Love to you all!
- Kelly Morris Rowan


An estimated five million people worldwide live with Parkinson's today. It is the second most common neurological disorder. In the United States, approximately 60,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year alone. There is no known cure.

Together, we can change this.

Team Fox is the grassroots community fundraising program at The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF). MJFF accelerates high-impact science through smart risk taking and problem solving with a commitment to urgency and efficiency. I’m one of thousands of people around the globe who are turning their passions into Team Fox fundraisers to help them speed a cure for Parkinson’s. When you give today, 100 percent of Team Fox proceeds go straight to MJFF’s programmatic efforts.

Thank you for being part of this team!



raised of $3,200 goal

Recent Donations

1. SRSarah Ramsden
Thank you for raising awareness and money for this cause that so many of our loved ones have been affected by. I’m honored to donate. Happy running!
2. TRTina Richards
Your strength and determination is amazing!
3. SSSam Steagall
Just to get you to the next hundred. ❤️
4. ACAileen Cairns
Get em Queen!
5. DMDavid Moore
6. NRNicholas R
To round you to the next dollar!